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About Our Family

My name is Andrew Frezza, and my brother Tony and I opened CrossFit Palm Beach back in December of 2012.  We have a passion for helping people change their lives through health and fitness and it is our mission to take the intimidation out of CrossFit for those looking to get started. 

We are truly a family-run facility and we try to make everyone who walks through our doors feel like family.  Our dad, who is 67, does CrossFit with us, and will probably be one of the first people to greet you when you walk through our doors for the first time.  My mom, who just turned 60, loves our BeachFit program, and can usually be found at the 8 or 9 am classes a few days per week.  Our wives also work out at CrossFit Palm Beach, and our kids have already started imitating the moves they see us doing all the time in the gym. 

We believe that working out should be fun and challenging, and that people perform their best in a team environment that is motivating, supportive, and will hold you accountable.  CrossFit Palm Beach is more than just a workout, we strive to be the best hour of your day.   When we ask our members what they love most about CrossFit Palm Beach, it is always the people, the community, or the family atmosphere that they love most. 

We also have a jaw-dropping facility.  We are one of the only CrossFit facilities in the world, that has 2 building right next door to each other, over 12,000 sq. ft of workout space, and full air-conditioning which is critical during those hot summer months. 

We’d love for you to set up a FREE No-Sweat Intro to learn more about us and to give us an opportunity to learn more about you.  It will only take about 20-30 minutes but it will allow us to learn more about your goals, health and injury history, and tailor a program that will work for you.   You can call us at 561-676-3710 to set that up.

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 About CrossFit

This awesome video “Let Me Tell You About CrossFit” Explains it Better than we can.

About Our Facility

CrossFit Palm Beach is a located on US1 in Jupiter, FL right near Tequesta.  We have an over 8000 sq ft facility that we use exclusively for our CrossFit classes as well as an adjacent 4000 sq. ft facility that we use for classes such as CrossFit Kids, BeachFit, and Personal Training.  Our larger facility also has a separate kids room which is supervised Monday, Wednesday, and Friday between 8 and 10 am.  We have rowers, bikes, ropes, rings, dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, medicine balls, and sandbags to get you the best full body workout you have ever experienced.  Our facility also has brand new bathrooms and showers available to all members.

Our Main Facility

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 Our Smaller, 4,000 sq ft building…

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About Our Program

All CrossFit classes are group classes and having a membership at CrossFit Palm Beach allows you to attend an unlimited number of classes at our facility every month.  We also have flexible, part-time plans if it better suits your schedule or current fitness program.  To see our current class schedule, go here.

To make your transition into CrossFit as easy as possible, we offer a FREE no sweat intro to be scheduled at your convenience.  If you’d rather try a class setting, you can try a BeachFit class at any one of our 21 weekly BeachFit classes.   You can schedule by calling 561-676-3710.

At CrossFit Palm Beach we put a lot of emphasis on form and safety. We make sure all our members are well prepared before they join regular classes.  In order to achieve this, most new members will start with personal training before jumping into the group classes.  We currently have an amazing offer for our 6 week challenge.  It includes the no-sweat intro, 5 personal training sessions, your first month of unlimited CrossFit and BeachFit classes, and nutritional guidance along the way.  The cost of the challenge is only $299.

Once you enter the group classes, the coaching and instruction will expand on what you learned in your personal training sessions. All classes will last about an hour and include a group warm-up, strength/skill training, a daily WOD (Workout of the Day), and a cool down or core work.  As coaches, we will never take for granted that you know what you’re doing and will always review the movements of each day’s WOD to make sure you know how to perform each exercise correctly.

We take pride in helping you reach your goals in the most fun and effective way possible.

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More about CrossFit
CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning program combining weighlifting, gymnastics, and endurance training.  The key to CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movement, performed at high intensity.
  • Constantly Varied: Every class is different and fun.  You are always testing your body with new exercises and new workouts that will allow you to see results for as long as you are doing CrossFit.
  • Functional Movement: We don’t use machines.  Every exercise utilizes your entire body, starting with your core, and is applicable to your everyday life.
  • High Intensity: If you want results from an exercise program, intensity is necessary.  Nothing compares to the intensity of Cr0ssFit.  The good news is, intensity is relative to you as an individual.  We can scale all movements for any age and ability level.  All it takes to be successful at CrossFit is the right attitude.

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